The Home Stretch

I’ve noticed that a number of my previous posts have focused on the month, season, or weather. I’m posted to talk about the Masonic lectures’ reflections of leaves that fall to enrich our mother earth. However, I’ll resist that urge and write about the excitement and fast pace of the weeks and month to come. In the Lodge Calendar, October represents a pivotal month. It is the last month of effective leadership of the Worshipful Master. In November we’ll have a Worshipful Master Elect, and in December the newly elected officers will take possession of their new chairs. October becomes a time to finish old projects, and to start new ones that will help the next Master in his tenure.

I’m excited to have the chance to make two new Master Masons this year, and to continue to add to the stock of candidates that wish to be made Masons in the following months. Our new Lodge Logo project is all but complete, and we’re also looking forward to the holiday celebrations in November and December. We’re sometimes reminded of endings during this time of year, but after more than 163 years of service in Grand Rapids, I know that this is but one more month in an incredible journey.

I wish you all great joy and welcome each and every one of you to be a part of who and what we are.

Omar H. Flores
Worshipful Master, Grand Rapids Lodge No. 34