We, as Masons, are encouraged in our ritual work to give thanks to the Great and Beneficent Author of our Existence for the many blessings and comforts we enjoy. In short, we’re told to “Give thanks to God for our comfort.” There are many opportunities to remind ourselves of our need to be thankful in the month of November. Some will do this with family over a meal, some will do it when they look at the changing colors of the leaves in the trees. Yet others will do it, as they have every morning as part of their normal routine. My sincere hope is that this month everyone has a reason to reflect on their ability to be thankful. As a mental health therapist by trade, I run into a fair amount of individuals who believe that their “luck has run out.” I sometimes respond with a story of group of individuals on the other side of the earth who are born, live and die on a landfill.I tell them that if these individuals can smile, or raise a family under these circumstances then there must be some level of joy in their lives. If they can do it, surely we can too. In truth, if anyone can read, then they are among the world’s most fortunate, if they can have access to my humble post, and read it as well, then they are among the world’s elite. There is plenty of room to make society more equitable, but that doesn’t prevent us from finding our own reasons to give thanks. I am particularly grateful for my Brothers in the Craft.

So Mote It Be.


Omar H. Flores

Worshipful Master, Grand Rapids Lodge No. 34