Welcome Back

September 1, 2015


We’ve been dark since July of this year. I hope that your Summer of 2015 has been filled with fond memories with family, friends and fellowship, I know that mine has been. If you were not able to attend the annual picnic you missed a great time with the brothers of Grand Rapids No. 34, Northstar Lodge #5 our families and guests. I’ve had my first family camping trip which went surprisingly well and my annual trip to the UP with my son to watch him participate in the Ore2Shore mountain bike race in Marquette.

I have been busy this Summer along with Bro. Tom Brinker and Matt McIntosh from Terryberry finalizing our Grand Rapids Past Master ring, apron and logo which I am excited to show everyone at our next regular. We have finished planning for events this coming fall, namely a presentation from MWB Bob Conley about the Six Steps of Initiation, the statewide Open House for all Michigan Lodges, degrees and potential activities. I mentioned Bro. Brinker earlier, he is recovering well (and so are the nurses and doctors) and not surprisingly powered through all the treatments that he was gone through over the Summer, all while continuing to fulfill his Lodge Secretary duties. You should expect to see him at our meeting on September 9th.

We are back to business next week. We have a number of brothers to receive the sublime degree of Master Mason at the end of this month. New prospects to meet and hopefully initiate into the craft and this great lodge through the remainder of this year and beyond who will be the future leaders of Grand Rapids 34.

My year as Worshipful Master of Grand Rapids 34 is at the tail end which I’ve been told flies by quickly. I am looking forward to seeing you all at dinner and our meeting next week and on the side lines of presentations, events, and degrees.

Be Well Brothers,

Jacques Green
Worshipful Master