If you’ve landed on this page, you are likely interested in Freemasonry and also from the Grand Rapids area. Here is a great webpage with more about being a Michigan Mason.

But how do I join, and what should I expect?

Picking a lodge (maybe Grand Rapids No. 34)

Every lodge is different, based on its history, funding, and members. And each has really developed its own micro-culture of traditions, as well.

Grand Rapids is lodge number 34 in Michigan, which makes it one of the earliest in the state. We have savings in the bank, and are primarily funded by dues. The lodge building on Fulton Street is shared by other lodges and groups, but most of the building is rented to businesses and non-profit groups.

About our members, you will have to meet them to decide if you’d fit in. But some quick observations:

  • Several of our current members have been Grand Masters of Masonry in Michigan. This speaks well to the commitment our members have to the craft, and respect our lodge has within the state.
  • We have been growing in the last few years, mainly with younger men in their 20s and 30s. They have mixed well with the ‘old timers’, and makes for a variety of ages and occupations in our lodge.
  • We have members from different faiths and ethnic groups.

One important logistical issue to consider is that our meetings are scheduled on Wednesday evenings.

Steps to becoming a member of GR No. 34

  1. Let us know you are interested
    You can use the Contact us form on this website, which will be referred to a member who will contact you. They may offer to meet with you for coffee, or invite you visit during one of our dinners prior to a meeting.
  2. Fill out an application
    There is an official form called a petition that you need to fill out and turn in to the lodge secretary (by hand or mail). The petition requires two signatures by Michigan Masons. In most cases, these signatures are by members of our lodge who have met you.
  3. Have your petition accepted
    Your petition will be read aloud at our next monthly meeting, where it will be referred to a committee of three members. They will contact you to arrange a meeting, usually at your home, to learn more about you and answer your questions. The committee will ask a few specific questions, but mostly it is a friendly interview.
    The committee will report on their visit at our next meeting, where it will be accepted by the lodge and you will be allowed to become a member. If you have any questions during this process, feel free to contact the lodge secretary, who can help you.
  4. Attend the Entered Apprentice Degree
    It’s been a couple months since you submitted your petition, and now you have to wait until our next Entered Apprentice Degree. This degree is where we initiate new members. You will be notified by the secretary, but you can also see theĀ schedule on our trestleboard page. You will be asked to pay $100 for this degree.
    Once you have completed this degree, you are officially a member and can attend most meetings.
  5. Attend the Fellowcraft Degree andĀ Master Mason Degree
    These degrees are much like the first you attended, but complete the process of making you a Mason. Each of these degrees coincide with a $50 fee.
  6. Enjoy the learning and fellowship of the greatest fraternity in the world!

Free & Accepted Masons