Hello world!

Welcome to the much anticipated home of Grand Rapids Lodge No. 34 on the web. The story of the shoe makers child is quite appropriate to this, as we have many well qualified members of our organization to run a web site, but few with the time.

Members are encouraged to visit the Discussion Forums by clicking the button below. Visitors are encouraged to learn more about Grand Rapids Masonry by browsing the various links in this site. Content will change often, so make this a regular stop and we promise not to disappoint. If you are interested in more information about Grand Rapids Lodge, please put our Secretary to work by clicking the button below and sending him an email. He loves getting messages from people, and this will certainly make his day. Also make sure you visit our upcoming events link, if you’re not a member please send the Secretary a note to introduce yourself and let him know you are coming, he will do the rest.

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